Children’s Books

Jim Slater wrote 24 picture books and six novels for children in the late 1970s and early 1980s.  Click on the underlined, blue book titles if you are interested in purchasing any of Jim Slater’s children’s books.  New A.Mazing Monsters sets are available and second hand copies of the other titles can be found apart from one or two of the Roger the Robot series.

A.Mazing Monsters (1979-1980)

Written by Jim Slater and illustrated by Christopher Slater.

In 1977 Jim Slater wrote sixteen books about Monsters and asked his ten year old son, Christopher, to illustrate them. The books went on to become best sellers in the UK, USA and Japan with over three million copies sold. Jim and Christopher have recently re-printed the A.Mazing Monsters books and they are now available in a special limited edition box set. For further information please visit:

“We had a copy of the Tricky Troggle in the late 1970’s for my daughter. It is an excellent children’s read, rather like the Mr Men books, it has a message. Brilliant illustrations. We wore it out. Not many small childrens’ books stand the test of time like this one!”
A satisfied customer

“Wonderful fun for kids of all ages – even big kids like me!” Chris Tarrant

Tricky Troggle cover Wormball cover Webfoot cover Gulper cover
Greeneye cover Winkybird cover Dimmo cover Bignose cover
Swiggo cover Snuggly cover Snowy cover Kleenum cover
Grinno cover Rainbow cover Crammus cover Send for the Gulper cover

Roger the Robot (1980)

Roger Robot ArrivesRoger Robot at the seasideRogerRoger Robot and the bicycle
Roger Robot at the circusRoger Robot and the fancy dress partyRoger Robot goes fishingRoger Robot and the safari park

A series of eight picture books about a young boy and his robot written by Jim Slater and illustrated by John Farman.

Grasshopper (1979-1982)

Grasshopper Cover Pickle Factory Cover Poisoned River Cover

Written by Jim Slater and illustrated by Babette Cole.

Graham Hooper, nicknamed Grasshopper by his friends, is given some magic sweets by his Uncle Rudolf. The sweets are supposed to help him talk to animals, but his uncle forgets to mention they might also make him shrink. There are three Grasshopper adventures.

Naturalists and children’s book critics alike have acclaimed the Grasshopper series.  Of Grasshopper and the Unwise Owl Sir Peter Scott wrote, “I like it very much indeed” and Mother Magazine declared that it is “a book children will return to time and time again”.  Writing about Grasshopper and the Pickle Factory Cyril Littlewood of the World Wildlife Fund said “A really outstanding book for children” and Publishers Weekly spoke of “the author’s effortless style and unchained imagination”.

Goldenrod (1978-1979)

Goldenrod Cover

Goldenrod and the Kidnappers

Written by Jim Slater and illustrated by Christopher Chamberlain.

Goldenrod:  William Rod was born in India where strange and mystical things happen.  Although he was blind at birth, William’s Indian nurse foretold the time when he would be able to see, and see “better than all of us”.  By the time he was eight the golden-haired boy had three unusual powers and his guide dog Rajah, had been specially trained by the family bearer, Pinukhan.  All of this was to prove vital to the young boy’s survival in a battle of wits in the Saudi Arabian desert, where the lives of more than one hundred people were at stake.

In Goldrenrod and the Kidnappers, Goldenrod overhears some crooks planning to drug the racehorse, Midnight, the favourite to win the Derby.  Helped by his dog, Rajah, and his friends Jenny and Toothpaste, Goldenrod sets out to foil the gang.  But Scarface has other methods of stopping Midnight…

“A new success – the book is extremely well-written.”  Ludovic Kennedy, Telegraph Sunday Magazine

The Boy Who Saved Earth (1979)

The Boy Who Saved Earth CoverHe came from another planet. Unfortunately he did not come alone… When evil alien forces attack Earth and intend to destroy it, Marcou – the 14-year old from outer space – must use his telepathic powers and ultra ray secret weapon to try to stop them.