The Slater Foundation

The Slater Foundation is a charitable organisation which provides funding for a variety of causes.  Projects have included helping British Chess, training British junior tennis players, the restoration of Claremont Landscape Garden in Esher, Surrey and helping young talent through drama school.

In the 1970s Claremont Landscape Garden was overgrown and urgently required work to maintain it.  The National Trust recognised there was a considerable amount of work to do to return the garden to its former glory.  The Slater Foundation provided a large portion of the funding and everyone involved was delighted when a grass amphitheatre was unearthed which it was thought had disappeared.

In the 1980s, The Slater Foundation financed the training and schooling of a number of British junior tennis players in partnership with Reeds School in Surrey and David Lloyd.  Slater Foundation players included Tim Henman, James Bailey and Jamie Delgado.

At the time, in Jim’s opinion the Lawn Tennis Association was not adequately funding junior tennis and was not starting candidates early enough.  Following Tim Henman’s success this soon changed.

Today the Foundation continues to fund projects where a difference can be made.  Children’s charities and nature conservation are given priority.  Recent projects have included helping to protect the Red Squirrel and assisting Jobim Ffrench one of Britain’s strongest young tennis stars.

For more information please visit the Foundation’s website